Travel Tech Industry’s Most Advanced Travel & Damage Protection Platform & API

Property Managers

Integrated Travel Protection and Damage Protection with Automated Reporting, Electronic Invoicing, Online Claims Processing, Advanced Coverage and Increased Profitability

The RentalGuardian system enables property managers, managing a handful of units to multi-national enterprise resorts, to easily protect their rentals, reduce risk and increase revenue per booking.

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Software Developers

Generate Recurring Income with our White Label, Multi Client Manager & API integrations that enable Open/Creation, Modification, Cancellation, and Status of system-enabled Coverage Transactions.

RentalGuardian enables developers to easily integrate travel and rental protection products and services into their applications. Developers have complete control over the integration with In 3 easy steps: register, integrate, and deploy.

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Integration Partners

Our Turnkey Solution provides Multi-Level Client Management with complete Permission Based User Roll Account Access & Security. Partnerships support Producer, Sub-producer, Agency and Agent Management in a Global Economy.

RentalGuardian offers a unique online travel and property protection platform. Systems Integration Partners can earn system admin fees on each coverage purchased, adding important recurring revenue to your enterprise.

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Why choose RentalGuardian?

With over 1M Property Owners, Thousands of Property Managers, Hundreds of Software Partners and counting, RentalGuardian is the most complete and trusted solution on the market.

Travel Protection

Travel Protection programs provide extensive trip coverage to your guests if the unexpected arises before or during their stay with you.

Accidental Damage Protection

Protection against unintentional damage to rental units during a guest’s stay.

Liability Coverage

Protect yourself and your properties from liabilities created by your renters.

Corporate Damage Protection

Designed specifically for corporate housing and extended stay facilities to protect against accidental damage.

What makes RentalGuardian different?


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