Corporate Damage Protection

RentalGuardian now enables Property Protection Programs for corporate housing property managers, rental companies and networks, and rental software platform providers.

When you rent a property, it should be an easy and enjoyable experience for both the guest and property owner. You never want either party worrying about possible accidental damages to the rental unit’s contents.

What do Corporate Property Protection Programs cover? Our platform features an exclusive portfolio of programs that cover unintentional damage to rental units during a renter’s stay: both short- and long-term.

Property Protection Products cover accidental damages to a rental unit during a renter’s stay. If accidental damage should occur, the cost and coordination of repairs will be handled between the lodging provider and RentalGuardian-enabled, underwriter-appointed licensed claims administrators: the entire administrative process is managed through our online management center.

Coverage Includes:

•  Accidental spills on drapery or carpets

•  Furniture breaks or tears

•  A broken lamp or glass décor

•  Unexpected broken glass coffee table

•  Damage caused by family pets (in pet-friendly rentals)

•  Accidental marks or scrapes on walls or doors

•  Many other types of common damage occurrences