Great News!

The NEW Cancel for Any Reason Travel Protection through RentalGuardian is now available for Kigo clients.

RentalGuardian and Kigo Vacation Rental Software have also developed a way to offer this exciting program so that property managers can convert up to 30% to 40% MORE guests on travel protection than they are currently selling (when offering only one purchase option).

We call this method: Opt Choice

Property Managers Offer:

  • Standard Travel Protection

  • Premium Cancel For Any Reason Travel Protection

  • No Travel Protection

When given these 3 options, we see many Standard Travel Protection purchasers upgrading their coverage and many of those that typically would not purchase coverage now opt for Cancel for Any Reason because of the broad coverage.

For example, if you typically sell 1,000 coverages per year by only offering one standard travel protection option, by upgrading to our Opt Choice methodology and offering two travel protection purchase options, you could possibly now sell 1,300 to 1,400 total coverages.

A few quick notes about the Cancel for Any Reason Travel Protection:

  • The retail cost is 9.5% x trip cost, with a 35% referral fee to the property manager.

  • You now have the ability to offer your travelers both the Standard Travel Protection (7% x trip cost), as well as the premium Cancel for Any Reason Travel Protection (9.5% x trip cost).

  • Additional coverage details on the Cancel for Any Reason Travel Protection:

    • LINK for complete Description of Coverage
    • LINK for Traveler Information
    • LINK for Property Manager Information

Please confirm you would like for us to have Kigo add the Cancel for Any Reason Travel Protection as another option for your travelers.  We can then get the process started immediately!

Thanks again and we look forward to launching our partnership with you in 2017!

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