Branding 2018-10-22T16:23:24+00:00 Corporate Logo Guidelines

As a general rule, third parties may not use the® logo (“logo”). On this page are the limited circumstances under which third parties may use the logo. The logo must always be used pursuant to the specifications on this page to identify, or products or services. Any use that falls outside of these specifications is strictly prohibited.

Third parties may only use the logo without a license only under the following limited circumstances:

  • In advertising, marketing collateral, or a website that references your connection with (e.g., the material states that you are an authorized distributor or reseller of products) provided that the area in which the Microsoft logo is used includes the corporate logo of at least 1 other company with which you have a similar relationship.
  • In an area of a website, advertising, or marketing collateral exclusively dedicated to the sale of products, and in such a manner that associates licensed software with the logo.

Do not use the corporate logo in products, product packaging or other business services for which a formal license is required.

  • Use the positive version on light or white backgrounds. The full-color reverse logo may be used on dark color backgrounds, as well as dark areas within photographs.
  • The logo is accompanied by the registered trademark symbol (®).
  • The symbol may not be separated from the logotype.
  • A one color logo is only acceptable when media reproduction is limited. In these cases, the logo may be reversed to white on a background that provides suitable contrast. A black logo is allowed when media reproduction is black only.

The width of the logo must always be at least 125 pixels for on-screen or 1.5” (38mm) for print.


  • The logo must be used as provided by with no changes, including but not limited to changes in the color, proportion, or design, or removal of any words or artwork. The logo may not be animated, morphed, or otherwise distorted in perspective or appearance.
  • Don’t change the size relationship of the symbol to the logotype. reserves the right in its sole discretion to terminate or modify permission to display the logo, and may request that third parties modify or delete any use of the logo that, in sole judgment, does not comply with these guidelines or might otherwise impair rights in the logo. further reserves the right to object to unfair uses or misuses of its trademarks or other violations of applicable law.


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