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Vacation Rental Homeowners Protection

Vacation Rental Homeowners Protection is tailor-made to protect against the unique hazards of your vacation rental business. Program provides the broadest coverage available and peace of mind for property managers and vacation rental homeowners. Specifically designed to cover the risks not typically covered in traditional homeowners policies. Program offered by PAC7 Insurance Agency.

Three Reasons For Homeowners Coverage

  1. Third-party liability coverage protects the homeowner against lawsuits or expenses associated with a guest incurring bodily injury while on the rental property.
  2. Replacement cost and property damage coverage for the home and its contents are offered with several deductible options. This coverage extends to a home’s amenities such as a swimming pool, loss of income or docks and piers.
  3. Business interruption coverage provides protection against the loss of rental income as a result of an unexpected disruption such as a house fire, natural disaster or other covered incident that would render the home available for rent.

The Facts

There is a common misconception among homeowners that their vacation rental homes are adequately covered by traditional second home insurance policies.  This is frequently not the case.

Vacation Homeowner Protection will prove greatly effective in the protection of vacation rental owners who can now receive broader coverage available for their homes.

For additional information, please Contact PAC7 Insurance Agency ( Applications must be submitted and approved by both PAC7 Insurance Agency and Underwriter before coverage is in force. does not participate in the facilitation of this program and serves as a referral partner only.

For additional information, please Contact Us.

  • Replacement cost coverage for your building(s) and for your contents
  • Coverage for damage to your building and contents caused by a guest
  • Loss of income coverage
  • Liability coverage in the event of a GUESTS injury or death
  • Liability coverage extended to your amenities:
    • Swimming Pools & Hot Tubs
    • Beach & Picnic Area, Docks & Piers
    • Bicycles

Questions & Answers

Q. Why do I need It?
A. Vacation rental business activities are frequently NOT COVERED by standard homeowner’s insurance.

Q. What’s the cost?
A. The cost is comparable to existing homeowner’s policy.

Q. How long will it take to get coverage?
A. About 15 minutes of your time: coverage can be activated on the same day or 24hrs from the submission of your final application.